Breakwater Flag Project

The Breakwater Flag Project under the stewardship of the Santa Barbara Yacht Club has been underway since its inception in August 2007. The flags have been flying proudly along the breakwater for nearly 15 years. The Waterfront Department graciously provided the funding to seed the reinstitution of the present project and remains responsible for maintaining the rigging and the poles. The flags now on the breakwater were taken from a list compiled by the late Paul Mills, who originally conceived the project and maintained the flags. After Mills' passing the flag poles were empty for more than 3 years. It was at that time that the partnership between the Waterfront Department and the Santa Barbara Yacht Club was formed and the flag project was reviving as a welcoming gesture to all who visit the beautiful Santa Barbara harbor.

The Flag Project is designed primarily to display the flags of the many non-profit organizations in the city of Santa Barbara as well as the national, state, and city flags. A rotation policy of approximately one year's time, weather depending, has been found to be effective to maintain the proper condition of the flags. The Santa Barbara Yacht Club's stewardship of the Breakwater Flag Project is done solely in service to the community and in honor of the many outstanding non-profit service organizations within the city of Santa Barbara. Special thanks go to Sigrid Toye, wife of Staff Commodore Bud Toye, who shepherded this project along. The Santa Barbara Yacht Club offers its sincerest gratitude for her dedication to this project.

Flags & Organizations