General Banquet Information

The SANTA BARBARA YACHT CLUB is a Private Club available to Members and their guests. Non-members may use the Club facilities if they are sponsored by a Member and comply with club policies. Sponsoring Members are required to be in attendance. 


Member events are those that are hosted and paid for by a member for their social, or immediate family needs. All other events including corporate, homeowners associations, schools, or the like will be considered as Sponsored Events. A Member hosting an Event, be it personal or sponsored must attend and be responsible for the conduct of the guest and all financial obligations that are incurred. 


Sponsored Events are permitted on a limited basis assuming they do not compromise member enjoyment of the club. The Sponsoring Member accepts responsibility for all aspects of the event, including conduct, attire, damage and payment and all other Club Policies. Sponsoring Members are required to be in attendance. 


Food and beverages consumed in the Clubhouse and on Club property must be purchased from the Club. Food and beverages remaining at the end of the party, with the exception of special occasion cakes, may not be removed from the premises. 


There are room rental fees and we require a non-refundable deposit to secure your date. No dates will be reserved until this deposit is received. This amount will be credited toward the entire bill. All charges incurred are due at the time of the event and will be placed on the Member Sponsor’s account. 


Prices cannot be guaranteed more than ninety (90) days prior to the event. 

Policies and Procedures


Entrée selections on all banquets are limited to two entrées, unless religious or dietary laws must be adhered to. In the event that the two entrees are of dissimilar price, both will be charged at the higher price. Menu and set up should be in order at least two weeks prior to the event. For parties of 25 or more individual entrée selections must be provided with confirmed guest count.  Friday night Events may require pre-selection for parties less than 25.


Flowers and other decorations are the responsibility of the host. We will be happy to assist or recommend a florist. Due to the limited storage space, flowers must be delivered on the day of the function, and all decoration must be removed within a reasonable time after the function. The Club will not assume responsibility for the damage to or loss of any merchandise left prior to or following the event. 


Arrangements for music are the responsibility of the host. We have a list of musicians that have performed at the club in the past and would be happy to offer some guidance. A few are listed on the resource page. We have a parquet dance floor available, approximately 15x40. There is a user fee of $275.00 for the dance floor. 


We require a guaranteed guest count 72 hours prior to the event, which is considered your minimum guarantee. 
In the event your Actual Guest Count is larger than your Guaranteed Guest Count you will be charged for the greater number, as the Kitchen can accommodate.
We would appreciate receiving an approximate guest count with as much notice as possible. 


Promotional materials, banners, media advertisements are generally prohibited, however, if your event will require any of the above it must be cleared by the General Manager. 

Due to Harbor regulations there is a Noise Curfew of 10:00pm for outside spaces, and 11:00pm for inside spaces.

A clean up fee and/or replacement fee will be applied if necessary. 


All charges are billed to the sponsoring member’s account unless arrangements are made to pay by check.

Facility Fee for up to 5-hour Event: 
Available upon request

The following services are included in the accommodation fee: 
 Labor cost for basic set-up, service and clean up 
 Linen and napkins (any color available) 
 China and flatware 
 Tables and Chairs (100)  Main Dining Room
 Tables and Chairs (40)  Beach, Lower Deck and Fleet Room
 Ice, Glassware

Cake Cutting and Coffee:  You are welcome to bring in a cake to celebrate your special occasion; our Cake Fee is  $2.95 per person. 
The Cake Fee for cupcakes is $1.25 per person.
Coffee Service is $2.95 per person. 

Corkage: You may bring in your own wine (not on our list) for a corkage fee of $15.00 per 750ml bottle. 

Dance Floor: $275.00 

Extra Seating: If additional chairs are needed we will be happy to rent them for you, the actual cost will be placed on the final billing. We have 100 chairs. 

Tenting: Should it be necessary to enclose the deck are we will be happy to make the arrangements for you at the current rental price. 

Audio Visual: Overhead projector and screen are available for a $75.00 fee. Microphone with podium is complimentary. A TV/VCR set up is also available and complimentary. 

Attended Chef Station: $75.00 set up fee. 

Tax and Services Charge: A service charge and sales tax will be applied to all food and beverage items. The prevailing Service Charge is 20% and applicable Sales Tax 8%.  Due to California State Board of Equalization Law, Sales Tax is also applied to Service Charge.
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