Fulmor Race & Cruise
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Fulmore Cruise

FRIDAY cruise over and get situated.
SATURDAY, Race over & Dinghy Flotilla to welcome the Racers
SUNDAY: Sail or Race Home!

Up until a few years ago, Racers from the CHRF, PHRF and one design fleets raced over to Pelicans bay, via the mid channel buoy, spent the night and raced home the next day.  
  However for last couple of years we have met with adverse weather, keeping some cruising support boats at home while some of the racers have elected to return home from Pelicans (even after a long day of racing), because they lacked the accommodations and victuals, especially those on smaller boats with a mixed crew.  

This year, we would like to bring back the Traditional 2 day Fulmore Race and are asking the cruising fleet back not only as support boats, but participants in a special Cruising Class with a shortened course and permitting the use of engines.   
As participants sign up for the both the race and the cruise we would like to pair overflow crew with willing cruisers so everyone has a good berth, a cold beer and a hot meal.  Contact the Fleet Captain, (who is both Cruise Captain and Fulmore Race Director this year) and let me know if you'd like to sponsor a smaller boat in need of feeding and berthing, or are a race boat in need of same.

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