End of the World Cruise & Solar Eclipse
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End of the World Cruise & Solar Eclipse

  • Date: AUGUST 20 - AUGUST 22

    History records that early Man attributed the diurnal darkening of the Sun to Angry Gods who were profoundly displeased with the doings of Mankind.   Although not entirely in disagreement with the Gods, early women just rolled their eyes, much as they do today.   

    To pay homage to this time honored tradition, unsubstantiated rumors have it that some boats will be choosing to spend the their last days on earth at undisclosed anchorages in the company of friends and family, preparing for what must be certain doom, Mankind having finally displeased Wrathful Gods sufficiently so that this time the end is truly at hand.   

    That Said, your Fleet Captain’s “Admiral”, whose eyes are exceptionally adept at rolling from years of practice, has a birthday this weekend and appears unusually confident that the world will well and truly end if I go to sailing.  Moreover, the weather looks cloudy on Monday morning and there will be southerly wind and swell making Smugglers, one of the previously undisclosed anchorages, predictably uncomfortable.   “IF” I were going, which of course I am not, I would try Prisoner.    



73º F H: 73º F L: 54º F

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