Memorial Day Cruise
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Memorial Day Cruise

  • Date: May 27 - 29

  • location:  BEcher's Bay, Santa Rosa Island

Fellow Cruisers

We are looking forward to yet another great adventure next weekend for the memorial day cruise.   We will be watching the weather closely because as we all know this time of year can get very very windy.

 Our hope is to have great weather and spend the weekend at Bechers bay on Santa Rosa Island, 30 miles from the Santa Barbara Harbor.   For those of you who have not yet been to Bechers, you can look forward to a great anchorage in shallow water in a huge protected bay. Lots of great hiking trails with easy access and tons of great fishing in the area as well.

 We were there last month and the pier is in great shape with plenty of dinghy parking available.
Back up plans would be Scorpion, Pelicans, and of course in the worst conditions we would opt for the cruise to nowhere and have fun right here at home in our own paradise.

We will keep you posted on the weather.

Your Cruise Captains
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