Emerald Isle Cruise
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Emerald Isle Cruise–Cancelled

  • EMERALD ISLE CRUISE UPDATE:  Looks like events are conspiring against the cruise this weekend.   Models are pretty bullish about the next rain storm arriving sometime Saturday night accompanied by strong east-south-east winds and hanging with us till Monday, and, while I am still considering which of the differing wind forecasts for Friday and Saturday will prevail, (NOAA & Sail Flow say fair weather, Windyty says gusting 20kts to 30kts), issues like the shifting channel entrance being 7ft at 0 tide (Harbor Patrol recommends guidance in and out), 5 to 6 ft waves with a short period, 52 degree weather and muddy hiking conditions persuade me to cancel this weekends cruise and hope for better conditions in the future.

Or said differently, fireside rum sounds much better!

Your fair weather fleet captain…. Lander


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72º F H: 72º F L: 53º F

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