Charity Regatta

Join us in supporting VNA Health at the 17th Annual Santa Barbara Yacht Club Charity Regatta 


Charity Regatta
Saturday, September 11th, 2021
Santa Barbara Yacht Club

Dear Fellow Santa Barbara Yacht Club Members,
Santa Barbara Yacht Club (SBYC) is excited to announce the 17th Annual Charity Regatta on Saturday, September
11, 2021
benefitting VNA Health. Due to the SBYC clubhouse renovation and COVID19 concerns, the 2021 Charity Regatta in-person attendance will be limited. Although last year the 2020 Charity Regatta was a virtual event due to COVID, our Yacht Club stepped up, raced, and raised more support than ever before. Over the past 17 years, SBYC has impressively raised over $1.7 million to ensure that Santa Barbara families live in health and dignity through VNA Health’s care. Let’s do it again!

Our 2021 Celebrity Skippers are the VNA Health First Responders to COVID. During the current pandemic, VNA Health has cared for over 140 COVID patients. Even in the face of the pandemic, VNA Health maintained its end-of-life hospice care, rehabilitative therapies, and skilled nursing care programs for over 600 patients a day. Commitment to their community programs and services (Serenity House Charity Care, Loan Closet, Palliative Care, Music Therapy, Bereavement Care, We Honor Veterans) continued uninterrupted.

This year, SBYC is also offering a unique Remembrance Ceremony as a way for guests and local residents to honor a loved one. The Charity Regatta will open with a Memorial Boat captained by our Commodore Andra Escola. From the boat, flowers will be scattered into the open water in memory of our loved ones. Anyone can participate by making a $100 gift so that their loved one’s name is included on a memorial banner displayed publicly at the Yacht Club. VNA Health will also place the honored names in their online Appreciation Garden.

The goal for our 2021 Charity Regatta is $150,000, which will be the single highest amount we have ever raised for community care. This year, the SBYC Charity Regatta is a cornerstone of VNA Health
Foundation’s 2021 GIVE WELL, LIVE WELL CAMPAIGN, which fortifies
VNA Health’s ability to respond to families in need during crises.

Join us by becoming a Sponsor or donating an SBYC Member Package at any level to receive special admission to the 2021 Charity Regatta on Saturday, September 11. We regret that there will be no Cocktail Party or Regatta Brunch this year.

We would like you to get maximum recognition for your support.
Sponsors please confirm by JULY 19 to be included on the
banner and other printed Charity Regatta promotions.
SBYC Packages please respond by AUGUST 23 to be included in Charity Regatta promotions.

For any questions, please contact Lailan McGrath at 805-690-6218 or [email protected].


Francie Lufkin
Co-Chair, SBYC
Charity Regatta


Nick Sebastian
Co-Chair, SBYC
Charity Regatta

Andra Escola
Commodore, SBYC

For Race Details, please contact Brad Schaupeter at [email protected] or 805.965.8112Ext. 114
For any other questions, please contact Lailan McGrath at [email protected] or 805-690-6218 


Charity Regatta History

At the end of the twentieth century, the Santa Barbara Yacht Club decided to take a focus as an organization to help other deserving non-profits in the community that were non-marine related. This began in the 1990's when several regattas were held to benefit local organizations, Hospice of Santa Barbara and Villa Majella.

In 2005, a major milestone was achieved when the entire Yacht Club got behind creating the SBYC Charity Regatta, which had some thirty-five boats participating and raised $50,000 for VNA Health of Santa Barbara. The following year, the success and popularity of the event had attracted nearly double the number of participants - with some sixty skippers signed on. Each participating boat paid an entry fee, which became a contribution to VVNA Health. An exciting feature of the Santa Barbara Yacht Club Charity Regattas was the Special "Charity Regatta Handicapping System." Usually, some sort of handicapping system is required to score a sailboat race. Fast boats have high handicaps and slow boats have high handicaps. Handicaps are expressed in seconds per mile. If boat 'A' has a handicap of 30, and boat 'B' has a handicap of 60, 'A' owes 'B' 30 seconds per mile. On a five-mile course, 'A' would need to finish about 2.5 minutes before 'B' in order to win.

To make it fun, competitors in the Yacht Club Charity Regattas can secretly change their rating and the rating of other boats by purchasing seconds per mile. 'B' could buy down 'A's rating by twenty seconds per mile, and could buy up its own rating by twenty seconds per mile. 'A' would now have to beat 'B' by almost six minutes. However, since the purpose of the Yacht Club Charity Regatta is about raising money for the community and having fun in the process; the sailors remain good sports.

In 2006, Mayor Marty Blum presented the Santa Barbara Yacht Club with a Proclamation from the City of Santa Barbara declaring the day as SBYC Charity Regatta Day, which ultimately raised $75,000 for Visiting Nurse and Hospice Care of Santa Barbara. The following year, the Yacht Club raised even more money for VNA Health of Santa Barbara, and the US Coast Guard cutter Blackfin joined the fleet of spectator boats.

As of date, the Charity Regatta Day has garnered over $1.6 million for the Visiting and Hospice Care of Santa Barbara.

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