Monday Lunch Forum

A venerable tradition of the Santa Barbara Yacht Club is our weekly Forum Luncheon. Except when preempted by a holiday or "Big Race" or such activity, a group of members and their invited guests meet at the Yacht Club for Monday Lunch.

Reservations are not required. Cost is $12.00, which includes a buffet, coffee and dessert. Each program includes a Special Speaker. Topics cover a wide variety, often involving the following: Santa Barbara happenings, technical subjects from professional spokespersons, travel talks with photos, local non-profits, etc. etc.

We gather at the club around Noon. Lunch buffet is served at Noon. We make a few short announcements about recent nautical events, and then we have our speaker from about 12:35 until about 1:15.

Would you like to be a Monday Forum Speaker? Do you know of someone who would?
Please contact Judy Rawles.













 April 2    Janet Mann, author of Creating Compassionate Forster Care: Lessons of Hope from Children & Family in Crisis:   "Risk and Resilience: The Story of the Children's Ark."


March 5        Sarah Stark:  Community Liaison for Marborg Industries:  "Marborg: A Very Special Santa Barbara Family Business that Practices the 3 R's:  Recycle, Reuse, Reduce!!"
March 12        Jill Zackary, Director, Santa Barbara City Parks & Recreation… "Tales of the History and Recent Restoration of the Cabrillo Pavilion!"  
 March 19    Leutnant Colonel Mary Walsh: "Adventures of the First Women Military Attache."
 March 26   Jimmy Young: "Tales From Santa Barbara's Iconic Purple Cow!" 


February 5
  Joel Smith: "Planning for health and wellness in the New Year - PART 1" 
February 12       Joel Smith: "Planning for health and wellness in the New Year - PART 2"
February 19   Tom Farr, Club Member and Engineer at JPL/NASA:  "Mars Rover: The not-so-little Rover that Could ... and Did!  What's Next?"
February 26                 Amanda Graves: Santa Barbara International Film Festival Education Director  " Everything you Always Wanted to Know About Our International Film Festival But Didn't Know Whom to Ask...! "

January 1

Club Closed: NEW YEAR'S DAY
January 8

Greg Gorga: "“13,000 years of local maritime history told with postcards and old photographs.”
January 15

January 22

Mark & Trudy Allen: "Trancrucero"
January 29

Nick Sebastian: "Fire and Flood:  Sailing on the Rough and  Challenging Waters of Life".

  • 2016 Presentations
    • 4 January 2016:  Club Closed, No Forum

      11 January 2016: Kristian Beadle, Skipper of SV Aldebaran:  "A Community Sailing Adventure: The Green Coconut Run!"

      18 January 2016  Alan Staehle, Retired Under Sheriff, Boulder County, Boulder, Colorado:  :"Policing Then and Now".   

      25 January 2016: Dale Moody, PhD, Retired Stanford Professor of History: "The Elephant Seals of Northern California and the Bering Sea".

      1 February 2016: Kevin A. Marvin, Executive Director, Santa Barbara Chamber Orchestra: "Chamber Music at the Museum!  Building Upon a Wonderful Foundation!"  

      8 February 2016:  Rick Wait, Puppy Raiser Extraordinaire; and Lennix: Puppy Extraordinaire!:  "Tales From a Lifetime of Raising Playful Puppies Growing into Skilled Guide Dogs!”   

      15 February 2016: Art Moore, Vice-President, Santa Clarita Sister Cities International:  "Living Waters for the World: Laos & Ecuador."

      22 February: Captain Alex Morrice (British Royal Navy, retired):  "Emma Lady Hamilton - Nelson's mistress - Saint or Sinner?"

      29 February: Club Closed for Carpet Cleaning for Opening Day, 3/6/2016.

      7 March:  Melinda Staveley, Vice-President, Cottage Rehabilitation Hospital & Cottage Hospital Health Therapy Services:  “Teamwork Matters!  “Improving One’s Quality of Life Following Trauma, Illness or Injury.”

      14 March:  Kristian Beatle & Bob McMahon: who met each other the 11th of January and discovered they shared a deep affection for:  “One Boat - Two Owners: SV Aldebaran’s Journey!” 

      21 March:  Robert Headline, Past Archivist & Curator of The Scott Polar Research Institute:  “Antarctic Exploration:  Stories of Explorers and Their Adventures!”

      28 March 2016:  Anne Luna, Docent and Volunteer, Santa Barbara Historical Museum: "Santa Barbara and World War II".  

      4 April 2016: Jake Beattie, otors xecutive Director, Northwest Maritime Center: “Race 750 miles: NO Rules, NO Motors, NO Handicaps!!  Come in First: Win 10K!   Come in second: Leave with a set of steak knives.  Are YOU Entered Yet?”

      11 April 2016:  Robin and Robert Jones, Community Members: "Heartbreak and Hope in Lesbos." 

      18 April:  Howard Jay Smith, Vice-President, Morgan Stanley Wealth Management and Author: “ The Unknown Beethoven ”.

       25 April:  David Bisno, MD, Retired Physician:: "The Supreme Court:  Current Challenges”

      2 May:  *Stephen Kaminski, MD, Trauma Director, Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital:  "Active Shooter Preparedness:  Lessons Learned from Isla Vista". *(May be challenging; is timely and very important) 

      9 May:  Shirley Waxman, Docent at the Santa Barbara Museum of Art:  “Puja and Piety: Hindu, Jain, and Buddhist Art from the Indian Subcontinent”.  

      16 May:  Stanley Naftaly, Producer & Host of Jazz Straight Ahead:  “The StoryBook of Jazz, Part One."

      23 May:  Stanley Naftaly, Producer & Host of Jazz Straight Ahead:  “The StoryBook of Jazz, Part Two."

      30 May:  No Monday Forum; Club open for Memorial Day 

      6 June: Barbara Cleveland, Photographer and Member SBYC:  " The Mir and Her Extraordinary Finish !"  

      13 June: Robin Hutton:  "Sargent Reckless, America’s Bravest War Horse" 

      20 June: Jack Van Ommen, Circumnavigator Extraordinaire:  “TBD“

      27 June: John Henigin, Host of Cork and Fork Radio:  “The History of Wine in Santa Barbara County!”    

      4 July:  No Forum

      11 July: Marsha Marcoe, Director of Philanthropy, Braille Institute:  "Dining in the Dark!"
  • 2015 Presentations
    • December 28: No Monday Forum. Happy Holidays!

      December 21: No Monday Forum. Happy Holidays!

      December 14: Mary Beth Woodruff and the Santa Barbara Strings:  "The 6th Annual David McEachen Memorial Concert"

      December 7: Sam Tyler, Documentary Film Producer:  "The Last Roundup:  The Tale of the Vail & Vickers Ranch on Santa Rosa Island" 

      November 30: ArchiMcLaren, Founder & Chairman, Central Coast Wine Classic: "The Story of One Man's Dream that has Become One of America's Most Successful Charity Wine Auction Foundations!"

      November 23: No Monday Forum.

      November 16: Dr. Mary Ann Jordan, Professor Emerita: "The Dance of Life & Death: 38 Years of Cancer Research at UCSB"

      November 9: Dr. Kathryn Padgett,  Past President, SBMA Docent Council: "Art Floats My Boat"

      November 2: Kostis Protopapas, Opera Santa Barbara's (NEW) Artistic Director: "Opera Then & Now: Five Centuries of Innovation"

      October 26: Thadias King, Retired Firefighter, Goleta Station 11: "Wildfires and Everything Else!"

      October 19: Irene Rhodes, President & CEO: Consumer Fire Products:  "Wildfire Protection in Santa Barbara County"

      October 12: Sam Tyler, Documentary Film Producer:"The Priest, the Doctor and the Rock Star:  Santa Cruz Island, Carey Stanton & Friends"

      October 5: Valerie Olson, Chairperson of the More Mesa Preservation Coalition Board of Directors:  "The Last Great Place"

      September 28: David Pratt, Executive Director, Santa Barbara Symphony:  “The Relevance of Santa Barbra’s Symphony in the 21st Century"

      September 21: John “Jim” Kilroy, Retired Racing Skipper & Owner of Kialoas I-V:  “US-!, Dare to Win!:  In Business, Sailing and Life"

      September 14: Dr. Janet Reineck, Executive Director, World Dance for Humanity:  “Making a Difference in Rwanda!”

      September 7: No Forum; Labor Day

      August 31: Dennis Friederich, SBYC Staff Commodore & Co-founder of SBYC's Annual Charity Regatta, Subject: The Legacy of Caring for the Community Continues <date changed 7/3/15>

      August 24: Archie McLaren, Founder & Chairman, Central Coast Wine Classic, Subject: The Story of One Man's Dream that has Become One of America's Most Successful Charity Wine Auction Foundations

      August 17: Erin Graffy, SBYC Member, Author & Historian, Subject: After the Fall of Saigon, PART TWO

      August 10: Bruno Bertocci, Senior Portfolio Manager & Managing Director, UBS, Subject: Sustainable Socially Conscious Investing

      August 3: Eric Noegel, Manager of Project Development, Southern Division, USA, Subject: Rebuilding Today's Marinas in Southern California

      July 27: Victor Mari, Guitar Virtuoso & Humorist, Subject: Life Lessons From Six Strings: How a Guitar Gives Rise to Love, Laughter, and Transformation <date changed 7/3/15>

      July 20: Michael Hopkins, CEO, Ice Energy, Subject: How Energy Storage Will Free Us from Fossil Fuels

      July 13: Cas Stimson, El Presidente 2015, Subject: Old Spanish Days Fiesta: "Celebrating Fiesta Romantic"

      July 6: Jeff Gauvin, MD, Director of Surgical Education, Cottage Hospital, Subject: Grave Robbers, Cocaine Addicts and the Rich History of Surgery at Cottage Hospital

      June 29: Michelle Robin La, Author, Subject: Catching Shrimp with Bare Hands

      June 22: Joseph Schomer, Community Volunteer and Santa Barbara Historian, Subject: Westward Ho with Buffalo Joe

      June 15: Dr. Kathryn Padgett, Past President SBMA Docent Council, Subject: European Art Revolution - 70 Years of Dramatic Change 1867-1937

      June 8: Sasha Ablitt, Owner - Ablitt's Cleaning, Subject: It Takes a Rocket Scientist - Dry Cleaning in the 21st Century

      June 1: Erin Graffy, SBYC Member and Acclaimed Author, Subject: After the Fall - What Happened to Vietnam After the Americans Left and the Communists Came In

      May 25: No Forum, Memorial Day Celebrated

      May 18: Craig Shulman, PhD, Marine Resources Manager, CA Department of Fish & Game, Subject: The Santa Barbara Channel - A Microcosm of Marine Resources Management in California

      May 11: Alex Pujo, Architect & Co-Founder of COAST - The Coalition for Sustainable Transportation, Subject: COAST, What Is It and Why Should I care?

      May 4: Rich Block, CEO of the Santa Barbara Zoo, Subject: What's Gnu at the Zoo?

      April 27: Ines Roberts, Prize Winning Photographer Extraordinaire, Subject: Our Values

      April 20: Dawn O'Bar, President of Unite-to-Light, Subject: Brightening Lives with Solar Products

      April 13: Terry Straehley, SBYC Member and Acclaimed Photographer, Subject: A Moroccan Adventure

      April 6: Bud Bottoms, Acclaimed Local Sculptor, Subject: Artistic Creations that Bring Delight and Wonder to Our Lives

      March 30: Maestro Nir Kaboretti, Music and Artistic Director of the Santa Barbara Symphony, Subject: Secrets of a Maestro - Creating a Season of Music that Works

      March 23: Wendel Hans, SBYC Member and 2005 Sand-spit Cruise Captain, Subject: The Saga of the Snowy Plovers and the 2005 SBYC Cruise to the Harbor Sand-spit

      March 16: John Goerke, Founder and CEO of Caribbean Coffee Co., Subject: Disruptive Innovations in Artisanal Coffee Brewing

      March 9: Claude Dorais, Attorney, Subject: An Old Guy's Take on Biking in Santa Barbara

      March 2: Dr. Alan Eustace, Vice-President of Engineering, Google Inc., Subject: Record-Setting Free-Fall from Above the Atmosphere - and Living to Tell the Tale!

      February 23: Phil Conley, USAF Major General retired, Subject: Everything You Wanted to Know, but Were Afraid to Ask, About the USAF

      February 16: Joseph Ilvento, MD, Subject: From Prohibition to Cardiology, and Back Again

      February 9: Willie McBride & Dane Wilson, 49-er sailors, Subject: Pursuing Our Path to Olympic Gold - Winter Lessons

      February 2: John Profant, Santa Barbara Sail & Power Squadron's Education Officer, Subject: The US Power Squardron - Its History and Purpose

      January 26: Denise Knapp, PhD, Director of Conservation Research, Santa Barbara Botanic Garden, Subject: Pollinators in Danger - What Can a Plant Conservationist Do to Help Bees "Just Do It"

      January 19: Betsy J. Green, Author, Subject: Way Back When - Santa Barbara in 1914

      January 12: Kira Redmond, Executive Director, Santa Barbara Channelkeepers, Subject: SBCK - Dedicated to Improving Water Quality and Preserving Marine Habitats
  • 2014 Presentations
    • November 3rd: Frank Goss, Vice-President of Sullivan & Goss Gallery, Subject: Water, and How Santa Barbara Became an Art Colony Because of It.

      October 27th: Luke Swetland, President and CEO of Santa Barbara's Museum of Natural History, Subject: SBMNH - A Century of Connecting You to Nature.

      October 20th: Madeline Ward, Santa Barbara's Acting Water Conservation Coordinator, Subject: Neither a Drip nor a Gusher Be - Tips for Conserving Water During the Drought.

      October 13th: Lt. Butch Arnoldi, SB County Sheriff's Department, Introducing: Aco, Senior Member of the County's elite K-9 Officer Corps, and his handler, Sheriff's Deputy Ken Rushing.

      October 6th: Lynn Brittner, Executive Director, Santa Barbara Historical Museum, Subject: Where the Museum is Today, and Where It is Going.

      September 29th: Marylin Gilbert, Community Activist, Subject: Music and Justice, Both Seek Harmony in the Universe.

      September 22nd: Drs. Hansma and Diaz-Perez, International Researchers and Physicians, Subject: Inventing a New, More Acurate Bone Strength Assessment Tool.

      September 15th: Nick DiNapoli, Retired UCSB Design Professor, Subject: The Story of the China Clippers.

      September 8th: Scott Riedman, SB Waterfront Director/Harbormaster, Subject: Santa Barbara Harbor Update.

      September 1st: No Monday Forum, Labor Day celebrated

      August 25th: Carly Shevitz, 470 Olympic Hopeful, Subject: Sailing for Olympic Gold - Rio, 2016!

      August 18th: John C. Woodward, Attorney, Subject: 1872 - Santa Barbara Photographers Hayward & Muzzall create "Views of Santa Barbara and Vicinity"

      August 11th: Mick Kronman, Harbor Operations Manager, Subject: The History of Santa Barbara's Fishing Fleet

      August 4th: Sara Zak, Retired Naval Commander, Subject: The Current Military Sexual Assault Problem.

      July 28th: David Bolton, Executive Director and CEO of California Missions Foundation, Subject: The California Missions - Before, During and Continuing Preservation Efforts After . . .

      July 21st: Jorgen Kjaempe, SBYC Member and Restired Home Builder, Subject: My Life in Boats.

      July 14th: Erin Graffy, Santa Barbara Historian and SBYC Member, Subject: Viva La Fiesta!

      July 7th: Wendel Hans, SBYC Member, Subject: Searching for the Remains of the Santa Barbara Lighthouse.

      June 30th: Angela Adan, Founder, Deserving Dogs Rescue and Rehabilitation, Subject: Speaking up for the Voiceless.

      June 23rd: Jonathan Dobrer, PhD, Professor of Comparative Religions, American Jewish University, Subject: Islam - Understanding & Misunderstanding.

      June 16th: Deborah Rogers, Volutneer - Dog Adoption & Welfare Group, Subject: DAWG - Saving Santa Barbara's Abandoned Dogs.

      June 9th: Joan Easton Lentz, Naturalist, Teacher & Author, Subject: Santa Barbara's Natural History - What is It, and Why Should I Care?

      June 2nd: Greg Gorga, Executive Director, Santa Barbara Maritime Museum, Subject: Honda - The Worst Naval Disaster During Peacetime in United States History.

      May 26th: No Forum, Memorial Day Celebrated

      May 19th: Chris Potter, Local Plein Air Artist, Subject: The Art of Persistance.

      May 12th: Betsy Collins, Director of Horticulture, Subject: Native Plants for Your Garden - Water-Wise, Wildlife-Friendly, and Beautiful!

      May 5th: David Bisno, MD, Founder of VISTAS, Retired Opthomologist, Subject: Breyer, Scalia, and the Embarrassing Second Amendment.

      April 28th: Gloria Cavallero, SBHS Alumni Association, Subject: SBHS's Long Tradition of Academic Excellence Continues.

      April 21st: Ines Roberts, Acclaimed Photographer, Subject: Two Films - Of Water, Boats, and Fantasy; Costa Rica.

      April 14th: Jennifer Haake, SBMM Guest Services & Volunteer Coordinator, Subject: Why Maritime Museums Matter.

      April 7th: Jonathan Ford, SBYC Member, Father, Firefighter, Subject: The Friendship Paddle - Channel Crossing October, 2013.

      March 31st: Susan Plummer, PhD, Director, Santa Barbara Alliance for Living and Dying Well, Subject: The Five Wishes - Have You Had The Conversation?

      March 24th: Jeff Shelton, Award Winning Architect, Subject: The Process of Architectural Design.

      March 17th: Alexandra Cole, Principle, Preservation Planning Associates, Subject: The Ins and Outs of Saving Our Heritage.

      March 10th: Willie McBride, Head Coach, SBYSF, Subject: Pursuing Dreams - Olympic Class 49-er Sailing.

      March 3rd: Ruth and Buddy Ellison, Circumnavigators and co-authors, Subject: Full Circle - A 12-Year Journey Around the World.

      February 17th: Tom Farr, PhD, Geologist at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laberatory, and SBYC Member, Subject: Roving the Red Planet: Recent Results from the Exploration of Mars.

      February 10th: Roger Perry, Insurance Services and 8th Generation Santa Barbaran, Subject: Growing up in Paradise.

      February 3rd: Karen Lee Stevens, President & Executive Director, All For Animals, Inc., Subject: Therapy Dogs Inspire Childhood Literacy!

      January 27th: Sarah Meinzer, MSW & Community Outreach Coordinator, Alliance for Living & Dying Well, Subject: The 5 Wishes, Have You Had The Conversation?

      January 20th: Edie Ostern, Retired Teacher/Artist, Subject: Alabama, The Klan and Me!

      January 13th: Tim James, PhD, Co-Founder and Director of the Acuitas Medical, Subject: Improving Diagnosis & treatment of AD, Osteoporosis, and Liver Disease.

      January 6th: Ron Boehm, SBYC Member & Sailor Extraordinaire, Subject: 40 Years of Sailing International 14s!
  • 2013 Presentations
    • December 30th: No Forum

      December 23rd: No Forum

      December 16th: Mary Beth Woodruff and the Santa Barbara Strings, Subject: The Fourth Annual Dave McEachen Memorial Concert

      December 9th: Leon and Joyce Lunt, SBYC Members, Subject: Travels in China, Part Two

      December 2nd: Leon and Joyce Lunt, SBYC Members, Subject: Travels in China, Part One

      November 25th: No Forum, Club Closed

      November 18th: Collie Conoley, PhD, Professor and Director of the Carol Ackerman Positive Psychology Center at UCSB, Subject: What Really Makes People Happy and How Happiness Helps Us!

      November 11th: Stanley Ostern, MD, Retired Physician, Subject: World War II Experiences as a Polish Jew

      November 4th: Chad Turner, SBYC Member and Oraacle Team USA Design Team Member, Subject: How the Cup was Won!

      October 28: Tom Parker, SBYC Member and CEO Hutton Parker Foundation, Subject: The $100 Million Dollar Secret: Investing in Community!

      October 21: Terry Straehley, SBYC Member, Subject: Vietnam and the Temple of Angkor

      October 14: Randy Rowse, SBYC Member and Mayor ProTempore, Subject: Santa Barbara City Council the MIS-State of the City: An Update

      October 7: Sarah Chrisman, president, board of directors, Santa Barbara Center for the Preforming Art, Subject: The Historic Granada Theater Renovation: Lighting Up State Street Once Again!

      September 30: William Guilfoyle, SBYC Member and Tanspac Sailor, Subject: Prevailing on Prevail!

      September 23: Roger Chrisman, SBYC Staff Commodore & Son of a Son of a Son of a Lighthouse Keeper, Subject: Nineteenth Century Life as a Lighthouse Keeper

      September 16: Maxi Decker, Santa Barbara Author and Horsewoman, Subject: No Trail Untried

      September 9: Capt. Chris Goldblatt, Founder & CEO, The Fish Reef Project, Subject: Helping Ocean Life Thrive!

      September 2: Club Open for Labor Day; No Monday Forum

      August 26: Arch Montgomery, Club Member, Subject: Louis Vuitton Cup Videos!

      August 19: Jonathan Fox, Executive Artistic Director, Ensemble Theatre, Subject: The Artistic Director's Challenges, Part II

      August 12: Milton Kahn, President, Milton Kahn Associates, Subject: The Recent Dramatic Changes in the Publishing World

      August 5: Brenda Campbell, Entrepreneur & Retired Business Owner, Subject: The Story of Chrysler's Air Flow

      July 29: Vicky Harbison, Montecito Union's Acclaimed Classroom Teacher, and Founder of: Turn the Page Uganda, Subject: Turn the Page Uganda

      July 22: Melissa Howard, Community Leadership Coordinator, Subject: Santa Barbara County's FoodBank Explained

      July 15: Club Closed for Carpet Cleaning

      July 8: Geoffrey Rutkowski, Master Cellist & Professor Emeritus, Subject: Travels With My Friend

      July 1: Willie McBride, Junior Program Director, SBYSF, subject: High Performance Sailing: Adventures of an SBYSF Alum

      June 24: Ines Roberts, Photographer Extraordinaire, Subject: California Missions - Just a Glimpse

      June 17: Bud Stuart, Retired Veterinarian & Author, Subject: Feeding Fido .... and Fluffy Too

      June 10: Mike Pyzel, and Friends, Subject: Singlehanded TransPac Skippers Roundtable: Our Best Stories

      June 3: Margaret Rose, Director of Development & VP of PathPoint, Subject: PathPoint: People with Purpose

      May 27: No Forum - Club Open for Memorial Day

      May 20: Randy Weiss, Sports Writer, Subject: The Outs and Ins of Kidney Donation

      May 13: Greg Gorga, Executive Director, SBMM, Subject: Keepers of the Light!

      May 6: Morgan Crowe, SBYC Member, Subject: Rescue Off Bermuda

      April 29: Robert Remy Boudesseul, Retired Local Restauranteur, Subject: From Normandy 1928 to California 2000

      April 22: Kent Pierce, Staff Commodore SBYC & Past President SBYSF, Subject: Youth Sailing: A Case Study

      April 15: Dave Wyman, SBYC Member & Retired Manufacturing Executive, Subject: Transpac Dismasting: Extreme Damage Control

      April 8: NOVA Produced VIDEO, Subject: Dogs Decoded!

      April 1: Elwood Schapansky, PhD, Retired Physics Professor & Alaskan Glacier Pilot - Subject: Chasing the Midnight Sun

      March 25: Terry & Pat Straehley, SBYC Members - Subject: Searching for Roots: A Personal Journey through England, Ireland, and Scotland

      March 18: Bernie Schaeffer, President, Alpha Resource Center's Board - Subject: Travels with my Uncle Phil: The 1907-09 Voyage of the Great White Fleet

      March 11: Stephen & Lynel Lemon, SBYC Members - Subject: The Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway: The Carolinas, Virginia, and the Chesapeake

      March 4: Stephen & Lynel Lemon, SBYC Members - Subject: The Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway: Florida, Georgia, and the Abacos

      February 25: Club Closed for Carpet Cleaning

      February 18: Jacques and Nita Steininger, SBYC Members - Subject: A World of Chartering

      February 11: Steve Hodges, Sailor Extraordinaire, - Subject: The 2012 Single-Handed Transpac: FROLIC's Flight

      February 4: Greg Gorga, Executive Director, Santa Barbara Maritime Museum - Subject: The Whole Nine Yards: Nautical Phrases in Everyday Language

      January 28: Lanny Ebenstein, President, California Center for Public Policy - Subject: Oil & Gas in Santa Barbara County

      January 21: Benjamin Aleman, PhD, UCSB President's Postdoctoral Fellow - Subject: Diamonds: More than Just a Girl's Best Friend!

      January 14: Joy Kelly & Sandy Campbell, owners of Chapala Gardens - Subject: From Tower to Table

      January 7: Club Closed for Carpet Cleaning
  • 2012 Presentations
    • December 31: Club Closed

      December 24: Club Closed

      December 17: Alita Rhodes, Cellist & Mary Beth Woodruff, Founder and Artistic Director of the Santa Barbara String- Subject: The Third Annual David McEachen Memorial Concert

      December 10: Michael Smith, Project Coordinator, Gray Whales Count - Subject: Do Whales Count?

      December 3: Greg Gorga, Executive Director, Santa Barbara Maritime Museum - Subject: The Whole Nine Yards: Nautical Phrases in Everyday Language

      November 26: Club Closed

      November 19: Andrew Wooden, PhD, Head of Marymount School, Santa Barbara - Subject: What Will Students Need to Know in an Unclear Future?

      November 12: Peter Howorth, Marine Mammal Center - Subject: TBD

      November 5: Terry Honikman, PhD, Engineering Consultant - Subject: An Unusual Engineering Career

      October 29: Tim Putz, SBYC Member - subject: Christmas On the Rhine, New Year's in France

      October 22: Club Closed for Carpet Cleaning

      October 15: Danny Vickers, Executive Director, Elings Park - Subject: Elings Park: An Amazing Success Story!

      October 8: Al Salzer, SBYC Member and KREWE Captain, - Subject: The KREWE of Santa Barbarians Celebrate Mardi Gras, 2013

      October 1 - Adrian Spence, Founder and Artistic Director, Camerata Pacifica - Subject: The Roadmap to a Symphony

      September 24 - David Grossman, Executive Director, Santa Barbara Symphony - Subject: The Santa Barbara Symphony: More than Meets the Ear!

      September 17 - Diana Washburn, Program Manager, Tri-Counties Regional Center - Subject: Changing Lives - One Person at a Time

      September 10 - Jace Turner, Senior Librarian, SB Central Library - Subject: What's New at Your Library? e-books and More!

      September 3 - No Monday Speaker: Club Open

      August 27 - Laura Kirkley, VP Sales and Marketing, Il Fustino - Subject: Oils and Vinegars Explained!

      August 20 - Andy Schaeffer, President, AIS Construction - Subject: Keeping Santa Barbara's Harbor Open: How We Do It!

      August 13 - Freeman Gosden, Jr. , son of Amos of Amos & Andy - Subject: Dad's Hilarious Stories of Show Biz & Famous Friends

      August 6 - Carole Palmer, VNHC Rehab Supervisor - Subject: Is Your Home Ready For You to Age in Place?

      July 30 - Tim Owens, KDB-FM Vice-President and Manager - Subject: KDB-FM: Past, Present. and Future!

      July 23 - Gil Garcia, Past President, Sister City Committee - Subject: 40 Years of Sister City Friendship with Puerto Vallarta!

      July 16 - Doug Lynch, Founder and Managing Director of The Reach Group - Subject: Today's Oilfield: Truth or Fiction

      July 9 - Skye Allmang, Project Coordinator, SB County, Youth Corps - Subject: Preparing Our Youth for the Future.

      July 2 - Club Closed

      June 25 - Mary Saputo, President Canine Adoption & Rescue League - Subject: Do We Rescue Them? Or, Do They Rescue Us?

      June 18 - Phoebe Brunner, Contemporary Landscape Artist - Subject: Oceania Series: Surreal Paintings of the Sea

      June 11 - Lorraine Cruz Carpenter, Executive Coordinator of Looking Good Santa Barbara - Subject: Looking Good Santa Barbara - What is this program all about?

      June 4 - Ken Richardson, President, Hughes Aircraft - Subject: Hughes After Howard

      May 28 - Club Closed for Memorial Day Observed

      May 21 - Marv Bauer, Retired Attorney - Subject: Motorcycle Adventures in Far-Away Places

      May 14 - John Berg, Sailor Extraordinaire - Subject: Sailing Blind with Lombard

      May 7 - Club Closed for Carpet Cleaning

      April 30 - April Price, Conservation Specialist, Coal Oil Point Reserve - Subject: Coal Oil Point Reserve: The Plover Story

      April 23 - Dr. Greg Cailliet, Professor Emeritus, Moss Landing Marine Laboratories - Subject: Unraveling the Secret Lives of Sharks and Rays

      April 16 - Jonathan Fox, Executive Artistic Director, Ensemble Theater - Subject: The Artistic Director's Challenge: A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Theatre Today

      April 9 - Mark and Trudy Allen, SBYC Members - Subject: Cruising the Norwegian Fjords

      April 2 - Judy Fontana & Phil Holland, SBYC Members - Subject: Fetching Light Completes Her Voyage

      March 26 - Jeffyne Telson, Founder and President, ResQcats - Subject: A Journey Through the Eyes of RESQCATS

      March 19 - Captain Helene Webb, SBYC Member and Webmaster - Subject: Messing About in Boats, Books and Art

      March 12 - Bob Kieding, SBYC Member - Subject: SBYC in the 1940's and 1950's!

      March 5 - Kathi Brewster, Master Docent, Santa Barbara Historical Museum - Subject: A Salute to Santa Barbara's Women

      Feb 27 - Club Closed for Carpet Cleaning

      Feb 20 - Scott Riedman, Santa Barbra Waterfront Director - Subject: Santa Barbara Harbor Update

      Feb 13 - Michael Ditmore, Executive Director, The Novim Group & Jim Knight, Executive Vice-President, The Novim Group - Subject: Climate Change and Other Easy Subjects

      Feb 6 - Steve Windhager, PhD, Executive Director, SB Botanic Garden: - Subject: What Use is a Botanic Garden?

      Jan 30 - Frank Staplemann, Yacht Designer - Subject: Designing Practical Boats that Sail Well and Please their Owners

      Jan 23 - Craig Tyler, Illustrator Extraordinaire - Subject: Cruising the Intracoastal Waterway at 8 Knots

      Jan 16 - Thomas L. Scheff, Professor Emeritus, UCSB - Subject: What’s Love Got to Do with It?

      Jan 9 - Adelaide Ortega and her Guide Dog Caraway, Braille Institute Student and her Partner - Subject: A Woman and Her Guide Dog - Their Story

      Jan 2- Club Closed
  • 2011 Presentations
    • Dec 26 - Club Closed

      Dec 19 - Alita Rhodes and Mary Beth Woodruff, Directors of The Santa Barbara Strings - Subject: The Second Annual Dave McEachen Memorial Concert

      Dec 12 - Ines Roberts, Photographer Extraordinaire - Subject: Films of the Channel Islands

      Dec 5 - John Coye, SBYC Member - Subject: Exploring the Galapagos Islands Aboard Nemo II

      Nov 28 - Club Closed for Carpet Cleaning

      Nov 21 - Stacey Otte, Executive Director, The Wilding Museum - Subject: Island Encounters, The Art and Conservation of the Channel Islands

      Nov 14 - Nicholie Bufkin, Destroyer Captain In A Multi-Mission Navy - Subject: Conversations with the Commander

      Nov 7 - Barry Keller, PHD, Consultant to Industry and Government - Subject: Atop the Rupture Zone - Chile's 8.8 Earthquake and Tsunami

      Oct 31 - Susan Mellors, President of VISTAS Lifelong Learning - Subject: VISTAS, It's Never Too Late to Learn

      Oct 24 - Shannon Miller, Vice Chair, California, Health Care for ALL - Subject: Health Care for Every Californian

      Oct 17 - Howard Hudson, Bugler Extraordinaire - Subject: Taps - 24 Notes that Stir a Nation's Soul

      Oct 10 - Macduff Everton and Mary Heeber, Local Author and Photographer - Subject: The Book of Santa Barbara, A Love Letter to Our City

      Oct 3 - Stephanie Boumediene, Vice President, External Affairs, SBMRI - Subject: NanoMedicin, Tomorrow's Science Today!

      Sept 26 - Peter Crane, Sailor Extraordinaire - Subject: Offshore Single-Handed Racing

      Sept 19 - Jack Byers, Commodore SBYC: Jack and His Tahiti Cruisers, SBYC Members - Subject: Tahiti and Back!

      Sept 12 - Mark Schrader, Project Director, Around the America - Subject: One Island, One Ocean; What We Learned Sailing Around the Americas

      Sept 5 - No Monday Forum, Club Open

      August 29 - No Monday Forum,Club Closed for Carpet Cleaning

      August 22 - Bill Guilfoyle, SBYC Member - Subject: Transpac 2011, Part Two: The Race

      August 15 - Lynda Tanner, CEO of VNHC - Subject: The Opening of Serenity House

      August 8 - Susan Plummer, PhD, Director, Alliance for Living and Dying Well, An Innovative Community Model - Subject: Conversations About End of Life Care

      August 1 - Karen Ramsdell, Director, Santa Barbara Airport - Subject: Santa Barbara's Airport: An Update

      July 25 - Randy Rowse, SBYC Member and SB City Councilman - Subject: Inside the Santa Barbara City Council

      July 18 - MJ Taylor, ATSI Director, Outreach & Education - Subject: ATSI: Programs for Youth Aboard The Tall Ship Bill of Rights

      July 11 - Greg Gorga, SBMM Executive Director - Subject: SBMM - Our Neighborhood Treasure

      July 4 - No Monday Forum. Independence Day BBQ.

      June 27 - Duncan Shea, Jr, SBYSF Program Director - Subject: Teaching the Sailors of Tomorrow

      June 20 - Bruce Hinds, SBYC Member, Retired Test Pilot - Subject: An Update, B2 and Stealth Technology

      June 13 - Charles Browning & Stan Darrow, Jr, SBYC Members - Subject: Transpac 2011 - Part One

      June 6 - Carpet Cleaning: No Monday Forum

      May 30 - Memorial Day: No Monday Forum

      May 23 - James Wapotich, SBN-P Columnist - Subject: Santa Barbara's Back Country

      May 16 - John Fritsche, Postcard Collector - Subject: Sailing through Time via Picture Post Cards

      May 9 - Nanci Pfarr, SBYC Member and Manager, SB West Marine Store - Subject: How West Marine Became West Marine

      May 2 - Michael and Kathryn Graham , Owners of C'est Cheese - Subject: A Short History of Cheese & How We Got into the Business

      April 25 - Jack Byers, Commodore, SBYC - Subject: An Update and Tour of SBYC's Galley

      April 18 - Dr. Rod Nash, UCSB Professor Emeritus of History and Environmental Studies - Subject: The Consequences of the 1969 Santa Barbara Channel Oil Spill

      April 11 - Scott Reed, President of the Music Academy of the West - Subject: The2011 Summer Festival

      April 4 - Ed Vernon, Member SBYC - Subject: The Port of Santa Rosalita

      March 28 - Jasques Steininger, Member SBYC - Subject: OAT Turkey Tour

      March 21 - Chad Dreier, Member SBYC and Collector Extraordinaire - Subject: The Dreier Museum: Santa Barbara's Unique Treasure

      March 14 - James Lambden, Above the Waterline - Subject: Electric Boat Design

      March 7 - Kira Redmond, Executive Director, SB Channelkeeper - Subject: Protecting Our Waters

      February 28 - Club closed for carpet cleaning

      February 21 - David Petry, Local Historian - Subject: The Best Last Place, A History of Santa Barbara and the Santa Barbara Cemetery.

      February 14 - Jeanne Martin, Harpist - Cupid's Harp: Love Songs and Valentine Mythology

      February 7 - Mike Lunsford, Naturalist - Subject: Treasures of the Gaviota Coast

      January 31 - Duncan Mellichamp, Board Pres., Opera Santa Barbara - Subject: Making Opera Come Alive in Santa Barbara

      January 24 - Brian Trautwein, Environmental Analyst, EDC - Subject: The Mission Creek Steelhead Recovery Project

      January 17 - Hester Rumberg, Author - Subject: Survival at Sea: A True Story

      January 10 - Ted Tedesco, Member - Subject: A New Community Venture: The Santa Barbara Institute on World Affairs

      January 3 - Judy Fontana and Phil Holland, Members/Cruisers - Subject: Ocean Crossings, Part 2
  • 2010 Presentations
    • December 27 - Holiday Break. No luncheon.

      December 20 - Alita Rhodes and Mary Beth Woodruff, Musicians - Update on the Santa Barbara Strings and Holiday Recital

      December 13 - Bob Kieding, Member - Subject: "SB Harbor in the 40’s and 50’s"

      December 6 - Ines Roberts, Photographer - Subject: Winter in Yellowstone

      November 29 - Capt. Mike Argo, USN - Subject: A Look at Navy Special Warfare

      November 22 - No luncheon - Club maintenance

      November 15 - Speaker: Judy Fontana and Phil Holland, Members - Subject: Pacific Crossings

      November 8 - Dr. Andreea Serban, SBCC President - Subject: SBCC at the Beginning of Its Second Century

      November 1 - Jay Robinson, FLIR Systems - Subject: Thermal Imaging for Mariners

      October 25 - Terry and Pat Straehley, Members - Subject: "Bhutan, Land of the Thunder Dragon"

      October 18 - Craig Springer, Dir. of The Granada - Subject: “The Future of the Granada: the Vibrant Home for the Performing Arts in SB”

      October 11 - Greg Gorga, Director of the SBMM - Subject: SB Maritime Museum--On the Horizon

      October 4 - Kate Nelson, President of Save the Mermaids - Subject: The Mission of Save the Mermaids

      September 27 - Jon Light, Lawyer and Baseball Enthusiast - "The Cultural Side of Baseball"

      September 20 - Christian Smith, Software Developer - Subject: "The age of the iPhone and the direction of mobile technology"

      September 13 - Owen Dell, Landscape Architect - Subject: Auditing Your Landscaping for Sustainability

      September 6 - Labor Day Holiday - No luncheon (Carpet cleaning)

      August 30 - John Bridley, Waterfront Director, and Karl Treiberg, Waterfront Facilities Manager - Subject: Marina One Construction Project Presentation and Waterfront Update

      August 23 - Gretchen Hofmann, Prof. of Department of Ecology, Evolution and Marine Biology - Subject: Ocean Acidification and Our Future

      August 16 - Peter Karoff, Chairman of The Philanthropic Initiative - Subject: "Moral Dimensions - True Wind and Apparent Wind in Philanthropy"

      August 9 - Edward Keller, UCSB Dept. of Earth Science - Subject: "Santa Barbara Earthquake Hazard: We do Have our Faults"

      August 2 - Tony Durham, SB County Sheriff's Crime Prevention Specialist - Subject: Living More Safely

      July 26 - Craig Barilotti and Bruce Harger, Marine Botanists - Subject: "The Giant Kelp as a Renewable Energy Resource. Ellwood Kelp Farm."

      July 19 - Erin Zetter, Coordinator of Docent Programs - Subject: The Santa Barbara Museum of Art: Collections and Mission

      July 12 - Bob Fulmer, Writer - Subject: Newcomers to Paradise

      July 5 - Jim Kreyger, Photographer - Subject: A Collage of America's Natural Beauty

      June 28 - Lt. Steve Baldovsky, USCG - Subject: The Mission of the USCG Blackfin

      June 21 - Larry Coldren, Dean of the UCSB School of Engineering - Subject: Fiber Optics Are Changing Your Lives

      June 14 - Bruce Bennett, Board Member of HAR - Subject: The Hearts Adaptive Riding Program

      June 7 - Dixie Daddies - Subject: History of Dixieland - Part 6

      May 31 - Memorial Day - No Luncheon

      May 24 - Nick Di Napoli, Friend and Scholar - Subject: "Battle of Tsushima"

      May 17 - Mark Schrader, Captain and Project Director - Subject: Around the Americas: Circumnavigating the American Continents to Raise Awareness of Marine Health

      May 10 - Wayne Rosing, Member - Subject: Las Cumbres Observatory Global Telescope Network

      May 3 - Jon Lee, Coach and Traveler - Subject: Uganda, the Pearl of East Africa

      April 26 - Joseph Liebman, Attorney - Subject: "Everything You've Always Wanted to Know about Landslides and Subsidence from a Legal Perspective"

      April 19 - Greg Gorga, Dir. of the SB Maritime Museum - Marking Time: Voyage to Vietnam

      April 12 - Morgan Crowe, Member - Subject: "Mediterranean Odyssey"

      April 5 - Mark and Trudy Allen, Members - Subject: Faraway Places with Strange Sounding Names (Cruising from India to Singapore)

      March 29 - Erin Graffy, Member - Our Book Is Finished! Or, A Long Time to Tell Our Story

      March 22 - Laura Inks, Dir of education - The Granada's Education Program

      March 15 - Steen Hudson, Exec. Dir. of Elings Park - Subject: The Gifts of Elings Park

      March 8 - Bob Kieding, Member and Writer - Subject: Summarizing 118 Articles about the Sea

      March 1 - Club Maintenance - no luncheon

      February 22 - Forrest Fleming, CEO of True Vision Surgical - Subject: True Vision: An Amazing New Medical Technology

      February 15 - John Woolley, Prof. of Poli Sci at UCSB - Subject: "The US Presidents and Boating"

      February 8 - Karl Hutterer, Director of the SB Museum of Natural History - Subject: "The Natural History of God"

      February 1 - Bill and Sam Fleetwood, Cruisers - Subject: “From Kebabs to Couscous, Blue Banana Sails the Mediterranean”

      January 25 - Mary Jane Cooper, Member, and Dick Nielsen, Volunteer - Santa Barbara Symphony League Music Van

      January 18 - Mark Schneidman, Realtor - Subject: "A Snapshot of Santa Barbara Real Estate"

      January 11 - Bob Craven, Member - Subject: Renovation of the NADA II

      January 4 - Kristian Beadle, UCSB Bren School Graduate and Rotary Scholar - Subject: Voyage of Kiri
  • 2009 Presentations
    • December 28 - Holiday Break - No Luncheon

      December 21 - Joseph Sohm, Writer and Photographer - Subject: Visions of America

      December 14 - Alita Rhodes and Mary Beth Woodruff, Musicians - Subject: Santa Barbara Strings and Holiday Recital

      December 7 - Willard Thompson, Writer - Subject: Postcards from Paradise

      November 30 - Robert Warner, Professor and Chair of Evolutionary ecology, population and conservation biology - Subject: Connecting the Spots: Spatial Management of the Coastal Ocean

      November 23 - Club Maintenance - No Luncheon

      November 16 - Jim Kreyger, Photographer - Fall and Winter Beauty

      November 9 - Steve Hodges, Sailboat Cruiser - Subject: Weather Forecasting

      November 2 - Nicolas Di Croce - Subject: California's Water Solutions

      October 26 - David Mullinax, Regional Manager of League of Calif. Cities - Subject: Dysfunction in California Government

      October 19 - Morgan Green, Member - Sailing Insanity in Alaska

      October 12 - Greg Gorga SBMM - Subject: Alaska's Inner Passage

      October 5 - Bill Brown, SB County Sheriff - Subject: The Missions of the Sheriff's Department

      September 28 - Rich Block, Director of SB Zoo - Subject: What's New at the Zoo

      September 21 - Nick Di Napoli, Historian - Subject: the Sea Battle of Actium

      September 14 - Peter Schuyler, Conservation Biologist - Subject: Research Projects on Santa Cruz and Catalina Islands

      September 7 - Labor Day - No speaker

      August 31 - Fred Lange, UCSB Materials Science - Subject: How Materials Have Revolutionized Society

      August 24 - Maria Long, Director of CASA - Subject: The Work of Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA)

      August 17 - No luncheon - club maintenance

      August 10 - Michelle Howard, Development Director of WYP - Subject: The Work of Wilderness Youth Project

      August 3 - Erin Graffy, Author - Subject: The History Secrets behind Fiesta

      July 27 - Major Sean Malis, US Army Civil Affairs - Subject: Celebrating 60 Years of the US Army Reserves in Santa Barbara

      July 20 - John Bridley, Waterfront Director - Subject: Waterfront Update

      July 13 - Paul Larson, Sailor and Writer - Subject: America's Cup Review

      July 6 - Doug Crawford, Navy League - Subject: Commissioning and Update on the USS Stockdale and SB Navy League

      June 29 - Doug and Stephanie Johnstone, Members - Cruising the French Canals

      June 22 - Will McClintock, PhD., Director of the MarineMap Consortium - Subject: MarineMap: Designing Marine Protected Areas with a Web Based Tool

      June 15 - Mark and Trudy Allen, Members - Subject: Easter Island Wonders

      June 8 - Bob Vincent, Cruiser and Photographer - Subject: "Sailing in the Mediterranean"

      June 1 - Dixie Daddies - Subject: History of Dixieland, Part 4

      May 25 - No luncheon - Club maintenance September 1 - Labor Day - no luncheon

      May 18 - Bob Muller, writer - Subject: The Trees of Santa Barbara, or, "Santa Barbara's Urban Forest: An Historical Legacy with an Uncertain Future"

      May 11 - Ed O’Donnell, Senior VP of Venoco - Subject: Oil Operations on the Coast

      May 4 - Nir Kabaretti, SB Symphony Conductor - Subject: Symphony Update

      April 27 - Michelle Kelly, American Heart Association - Subject: The Mission of the American Heart Association

      April 20 - Ted Sten, Grand Jury Foreman - Subject: The Santa Barbara County Civil Grand Jury

      April 13 - Monday after Easter - no luncheon (We had a very small crowd last year on this Monday, so I decided to skip it rather than have to explain again to a speaker why there were only 12 or so people.)

      April 6 - Linda Krop, Chief Counsel of Env. Def. Center - Subject: The Work of the Environmental Defense Center

      March 30 - Jacques Steininger, Member - Subject: Sailing in the Caribbean

      March 23 - Mike Beck, Headmaster of Dunn School - Subject: USS Constitution: Sailing into the 21st Century

      March 16 - Bill and Sam Fleetwood, Cruisers - Our Circumnavigation Continues - Part 3

      March 9 - Bob Haller, botanist - Subject: Mediterranean Climates, Rare Plants, and Related Research at the S B Botanic Gardens

      March 2 - Paul McCaffrey, SBPD - Subject: Police Matters

      February 23 - No luncheon - Club/carpet maintenance

      February 16 - Roger Chrisman, Vice Commodore - Subject: Stories Behind Some Club Trophies

      February 9 - Bruce P. Luyendyk, Prof. of Marine Geophysics (UCSB) - Subject: Natural Oil and Gas Seepages in the Santa Barbara Channel

      February 2 - Capt. David Bacon, SOFTIN - Subject: Seafaring Opportunities For Those In Need

      January 26 - Capt. Brick Conners, USN - Subject: Sonar, Whales, and the Environment

      January 19 - Willard Thompson, Writer and Lecturer - Shipwrecks: Troubled Waters of the Santa Barbara Channel

      January 12 - Karl Hill, SB Zoo Veterinarian - Subject: Being Dr. Zoo

      January 5 - Sam Dover, Marine Mammal Veterinarian - Subject: Marine Mammal Medicine in the Santa Barbara Channel
  • 2008 Presentations
    • December 29 - Holiday season - No luncheon.

      December 22 - Terry and Pat Straehley, Members - Subject: South Africa Safari

      December 15 - Jacques Steininger, Member - Subject: La Belle France

      December 8 - Shelley Bookspan and Gillian Launie - Subject: The Pearl
      Chase Story

      December 1 - Mary Olson, General Manager of KCLU - Subject: The
      Challenges of National Public Radio

      November 24 - No luncheon. Carpet replacement/repair.

      November 17 - Dr. Bill Morton-Smith, DRI - Subject The Work of Direct Relief International

      November 10 - Karl Hutterer, Dir. of SB Mus. of Nat. Hist. - Subject: Natural History Museums as Dinosaurs

      November 3 - Bob Kull, Researcher - Subject: A Year In Wilderness Solitude

      October 27 - Ed Hartfeld, Writer - Subject: Dwight Murphy: Santa Barbara's Renaissance Man

      October 20 - Steve Gaines, Dir. of the UCSB Marine Science Institute - Subject: The Changing Seascape of the Santa Barbara Channel

      October 13 - Kira Redmond, Exec. Dir. of S. B. Channelkeeper - Subject: The Work of Channelkeeper

      October 6 - Courtney Seeple, Pres. of S. B. Beautiful - Subject: The Work of Santa Barbara Beautiful

      September 29 - Tom Reeg, CRH - Subject: The Work of the Cottage Rehabilitation Hospital

      September 22 - Greg Gorga, Santa Barbara Maritime Museum - Coming Events

      September 15 - Rolf Geyling, Pres. of S. B. Rescue Mission - Subject: The Work of the SB Rescue Mission

      September 8 - Kate McCurdy, Sedgwick Reserve Director - Subject: Bears in Your Back Yard
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