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Executive Board (fromt left to right) Lil Nelson, Treasurer, Sherry DeDecker, President, Jo Sadecki, Secretary,Carol Kallman, Vice President

sbyc women

Welcome to the Santa Barbara Yacht Club Women (SBYCW). Our association, formed in 1989, is both a social organization and a nonprofit foundation. Our goal is to provide opportunities for women of the Yacht Club to become better acquainted with each other, to be more involved in Yacht Club activities, and to support our youth sailors.


SBYCW is governed by a Board of Directors, consisting of four officers (president, vice president, secretary and treasurer) and nine committee chairs. The officers, or Executive Board, are elected annually. Committee chairs are appointed and are responsible for all social and fundraising activities.


Fundraising is a major part of our organization. Through our SBYCW Foundation, a 501c3 charitable nonprofit, we solicit donations and make distributions. Over the years, we have donated over $250,000 to the Santa Barbara Youth Sailing Foundation. We have also supported sailing programs for the economically disadvantaged in our community through the SB Maritime Museum Tall Ship program. This program is instrumental in building self reliance, self esteem and the value of responsibility in young sailors.

Social Activities

Social activities include several events throughout the year. Luncheons, with speakers and programs, are held quarterly in the Yacht Club’s beautiful dining room. Many authors, motivational speakers, celebrities, and musicians have entertained at our luncheons. The holiday get-together is always a festive affair with carolers and a silent auction. Girls Night Out is another tradition. Be it fashion shows, shopping events, or a trip to the theater, this evening out is a fun way to further our camaraderie. The annual retreat is another way. Weekend travels to the wine country, Las Vegas, coastal cruises or other nearby destinations are scheduled every fall.


The Santa Barbara Yacht Women have also made tremendous contributions to the Yacht Club. The Landing project was one such endeavor. This beautiful pathway from the parking area to the Yacht Club was the inspiration of SBYCW. Additionally, participation in the many Yacht Club events is also a part of our mission. It is our SBYCW hostesses who meet and greet all who attend Opening Day.


The Santa Barbara Yacht Club Women always welcomes new members. Membership is open to female yacht club members and to wives of members. The New Member Mixer, held in the autumn, is a chance for new members, potential members, and current members to get to know one another.


Sherry Dedecker, President
Carol Kallman, Vice President
Lil Nelson, Treasurer
Jo Sadecki, Secretary
Dee Jones, Co-Chair
Elsbeth Kleen, Co-Chair
Candy Logue
Tara Stoker 
Nancy Upton
Jennifer Newell
Lil Nelson, Treasurer
Sherry Dedecker
Mimi Michaelis
Gail Young
Stephanie Lambert
Anne-Marie Castleberg 
 Judy Rawles, Co-Chair
Leigh Cashman, Co-Chair
Marge Romano
Jean Umanzio
 Mimi Michaelis, Co-Chair
Gail Young, Co-Chair
Kathleen Yablsey
Ginni Dreier
Lisa Gillinger
 Stephanie Lambert, Chair
Susan Engles
Suesan Pawlitski
Anne-Marie Castleberg, Chair
Barbara Harlow
Sigrid Toye, Chair Anna Molyneux, Chair  Sabrina Papa, Co-Chair
Joan Brair, Co-Chair
Margo Banick
Mimi Michaelis
Joan Watson
Teresa Koontz Bente Millard
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