Officers & Directors

2017 Officers and Board of Directors

Standing from Left to Right
Randy Rowse, Andra Escola, Eric Stokke, Eli Parker, Stephen Millard, William Norton, Fred Rice
Seated from Left to Right
Mark Shevitz (Treasurer), Dennis Power (Secretary), Commodore William J. Guilfoyle, Vice Commodore John Koontz, Rear Commodore Scott Deardorff, Jr. Staff Commodore Bob Young
William Guifoyle
Vice Commodore
John Koontz
 Rear Commodore
Scott Deardorff
Dennis Power
Mark Shevitz
Junior Staff Commodore
Bob Young
Randy Rowse
Andra Escola
Eric Stokke
Eli Parker
Stephen Millard
William Norton
 Fred Rice

96º F H: 96º F L: 61º F
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