CHRF Racing

CHRF Racing

Is Family, Friends, and Pure Fun for Sailors of All Skill Levels

Everyone Can Win....And They Usually All Do

What Is CHRF Racing?

It doesn't matter how much sailing experience you have, or what kind of boat you sail, everyone has an equal chance to win because handicaps are based on past performance. If you sail with 10 people and the family dog, you have the same chance to win as does the seasoned racer with a crack crew and a racing boat. After three qualifying races, your handicap is based on seconds per mile in the previous five races. Handicap calculations are also adjusted for the wind factor from race to race, and your worst race is thrown out.

Normally, races begin with staggered start times for each boat based on handicap. The slower boats start first, and the faster boats start last. So you are always trying to catch someone, and someone is always trying to catch you.

CHRF races are usually held on Sundays with starting times beginning at 13:00:00 during Pacific Standard Time and at 14:00:00 during Daylight Saving Time. Many CHRF participants enjoy a leisurely brunch at the club, and then head out for a wonderful afternoon of fun and camaraderie. Following the race, awards are presented in the Club.

The goal of CHRF racing is to involve family and friends in an atmosphere of pleasure and excitement, and there's plenty of that. Won't you join us?
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